What My Apple Watch Taught Me About Exercise

About once a week, I get asked if I like my Apple Watch. The answer is yes, and here’s why.

My New Running Coach: A Smart Bra

Bummer! The OMbra smart sports bra designed to track running metrics is no longer available. So why didn’t I delete my blog review?

High-Intensity Fitness App: Keelo

Hidden behind light-hearted workout names like “Burpees & Friends” and “Hello Triceps” are some pretty intense sets. Here’s how the Keelo high-intensity fitness app works…

Massage Away Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

Until recently, I hadn’t thought about using a massage device for helping me recover from a tough workout. But after giving the babyBelle Fit a whirl (ha), I can see that it does reduce post-exercise muscle aches pretty quickly.

For Relief of Back Tension: The Beam

Everyone deals with back discomfort sometimes; for that reason, The Beam is a good wellness tool to keep at close range for yourself or as part of a personal training toolkit.

Why I Finally Tried a Pilates Reformer

With its smooth, sliding carriage and retractable rope system, the MERRITHEW™ Rehab Reformer provided the perfect set-up to try a bunch of exercises I’d never done before.

RYU: Athletic Apparel for Your Fitness Lifestyle

I’ve exercised in a variety of fitness tights and loved many of them. But my RYU capris are the only ones that feel as flattering as…

Circuit Training Fitness Apps for Home Workouts

Over time, the Remix Workouts apps reward you by “unlocking” more exercises to try—it’s a smart way to “game-ify” your exercise experience.

If You’re Going to Sit, Sit With Fitness In Mind

Remember years ago when everyone was rolling out stability balls to use as office chairs in the name of wellness? The CoreChair picks up on those good intentions, but it’s infinitely better.

Fitbit Surge Activity Tracker Review

Fitbit Surge works well, but it has all the aesthetics of an Atari.

SoLo Energy Bars: Snack-On-The-Go Goodness

What’s not to love about anything that’s chocolate coated?

Wool For Working Out? Icebreaker’s On It

Could I comfortably work out and sweat in wool? I was about to find out.

New Balance Strikes the Right Note With Zante Running Shoes

These New Balance shoes were made for running, so I needed to see if their “aggressive toe spring” and “smooth heel to toe transition” really did make me a faster runner.

Bench. Canada Rolls Out Activewear Collection

Bench. Canada seems to have the workout-pant category well covered with lots of styles and fabrics. I’d love to see more variety in their tops though.

A Day In The Life Of My Runtastic Orbit Activity Tracker

Runtastic Orbit activity tracker is good for people who want the benefits of using fitness technology without having to fuss with too many bells and whistles.