Circuit Training Fitness Apps for Home Workouts

Over time, the Remix Workouts apps reward you by “unlocking” more exercises to try—it’s a smart way to “game-ify” your exercise experience.

If You’re Going to Sit, Sit With Fitness In Mind

Remember years ago when everyone was rolling out stability balls to use as office chairs in the name of wellness? The CoreChair picks up on those good intentions, but it’s infinitely better.

Fitbit Surge Activity Tracker Review

Fitbit Surge works well, but it has all the aesthetics of an Atari.

SoLo Energy Bars: Snack-On-The-Go Goodness

What’s not to love about anything that’s chocolate coated?

Wool For Working Out? Icebreaker’s On It

Could I comfortably work out and sweat in wool? I was about to find out.

New Balance Strikes the Right Note With Zante Running Shoes

These New Balance shoes were made for running, so I needed to see if their “aggressive toe spring” and “smooth heel to toe transition” really did make me a faster runner.

Bench. Canada Rolls Out Activewear Collection

Bench. Canada seems to have the workout-pant category well covered with lots of styles and fabrics. I’d love to see more variety in their tops though.

Champion: Thank You For My New Favorite Workout Capris

With such a reasonable price point, it’s worth a look. Tanks for 20 bucks, and Champion leggings/capris are half the price of many other fitness pants and just as nice!

A Day In The Life Of My Runtastic Orbit Activity Tracker

Runtastic Orbit activity tracker is good for people who want the benefits of using fitness technology without having to fuss with too many bells and whistles.

ViewSPORT Sweat-Activated Women’s & Men’s Workout Shirts

Cheeky fitness memes on workout wear—with a secret message that reveals itself only when you sweat.

Stylish Workout Clothes – Vimmia Activewear

Vimmia workout wear for women and men is brought to you by the same L.A.-based folks who created the Bordeaux label sold at Anthropologie.

Your Stretches Are About to Get Better

It’s completely possible to stretch well without Lebert Stretch Straps. But with them, you will get more out of almost every familiar stretch and open the door to enjoyable new ones.

Manage Muscle Aches with a Foam Roller

I wasn’t all that into foam rollers until TriggerPoint. When I received this lovely pink Grid in the mail, everything changed.

Leak-Resistant Workout Underwear for Women

If you pee your pants a little doing jumping jacks or want the added comfort of “period underwear” at the gym, Dear Kates has you covered.

Washing Stinky Activewear? No Sweat

Reasons to try No Sweat laundry detergent: You care about the environment. You care about keeping your pricey fitness clothes looking and feeling like new. You care about smelling nice at the gym.