Massage Away Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

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babyBelle® Fit for Post-Workout Muscle Recovery*

What It Is: The babyBelle Fit from BelleCore is a handheld body buffer that oscillates and vibrates to massage sore muscles after a strenuous workout, running race or sports game.

What You Might Not Know: The device’s buffing action also exfoliates, resulting in softer, smoother skin—I’ve noticed a difference! And it’s supposed to be good for banishing cellulite. Yeah well, I still have cellulite.

Feelin’ the Love: Until recently, I hadn’t thought about using a massage device for helping me recover from a tough workout. But after giving the babyBelle Fit a whirl (ha), I can see that it does reduce post-exercise muscle aches pretty quickly. And since I can’t always visit my massage therapist after all-out exercise, self-massage at home is a good option.

Because my personal trainer likes to put me through the wringer in the weight room, I recently came home with especially sore hamstrings and glutes (damn those deadlifts). Firing up the babyBelle Fit made my muscles feel better soon after and even more by the next day. Exercising aside, it’s not unusual for my hips to tighten up after I’ve been sitting all day writing. This massage tool helps with that, too.

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Even with such benefits, I wasn’t sure at first if this type of self-massage was going to be my thing because I’m not super into gadgets. Fortunately, the babyBelle Fit couldn’t be easier to use or more time-efficient. Just plug it in, press a button and move the device around on achey muscles for about 3 minutes or so (they tell you not to go past 10).

The multidirectional vibration does most of the work for you. What’s it doing exactly? Heating up muscles and promoting better blood flow to massaged areas, among other things, which appears to ease inflammation and delayed-onset muscle soreness for faster muscle recovery.  

I also discovered that tilting the babyBelle Fit so the oscillating pad is on its edge helps loosen up knots and tension spots. This might be my fave feature!

The device is small enough to fit nicely in my hand and the part that oscillates is topped with comfortable foam and covered with a soft, terry-towel cloth called a “bonnet.” Cute, right? The bonnet is washable. 

A few FYIs: You can’t use the device over clothes. Keep it away from your head, face, neck and a few other areas. And skin should be dry, so wait until you stop sweating for post-workout muscle recovery. 

If I Could Change One Thing: The vibration strength has only one setting, which feels perfect for my legs, hips and glutes and crazy-good on my feet! A slightly lower vibration level for arms and shoulders could be a useful feature.

Should You Buy It? I love the idea of using massage in combination with stretching to help speed up muscle recovery after exercise. If you already stretch regularly and still feel pretty sore after strenuous exercise, the babyBelle Fit could be just the right wellness tool for your post-workout recovery routine. Check or Amazon to see if it’s a good fit for you. Also available at Amazon Canada. Cost: $149-$200.

* Belle Core Fitness sponsored this post. There are affiliate links in this post.

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