Social Influence

Every time I review a product on Fitness Test Drive, I talk about it on social media too. My social shout-outs create fun opportunities to influence positive discussion and perceptions about health, fitness and wellness brands. See for yourself with the examples below—it really does work!

As a fitness journalist and certified fitness expert, I’m in a unique position to provide my followers—everyday active folks and fit-pro peers—with a first look at a new product and/or industry-insider advice that will steer them toward the best buying decisions. I’m a micro-influencer in the social space, which means I have a smaller but extremely engaged and trusting audience. 💖

Sometimes all it requires for people to take the next step with a fitness product or program (or recommend it to others) is inspo from a trusted friend, colleague or influencer. I dole out plenty of inspiration, and even more expert guidance, through carefully vetted collaborations and professionally crafted social narratives and imagery. Let’s collaborate!

Under Armour recovery sleepwear review
Vessi waterproof shoe review
Zante Vimmia Markup

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LEAF Health Tracker - social influence

Ryka Markup

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SoLoBar Markup

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Icebreaker Markup

Fit Couture Markup

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 6.14.10 PMMew Balance Zantes Markup 2