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I had my doubts about doing goat yoga, but I tried a class anyway. Here’s what it was like.

Yoga Mats for Kids (Eco-Friendly!)

In addition to being planet-friendly, MERRITHEW’s yoga mats for kids are health-friendly, and not just because they promote exercise. I was encouraged to learn that the mats are…

Natural Skincare for an Active Lifestyle from Way of Will {REVIEW}

Way of Will is made for people who enjoy an active lifestyle—that was the initial draw for me and now I’m hooked on the energizing scents and quality essential-oil blends.

Vibrating Foam Roller: The Latest Buzz About TriggerPoint’s GRID Vibe

The more chill your muscles feel from the vibrations, the more receptive your body is to foam rolling and the longer you can tolerate it. The idea is to vibrate over a tender area with the GRID Vibe, then roll.

Massage Away Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

Until recently, I hadn’t thought about using a massage device for helping me recover from a tough workout. But after giving the babyBelle Fit a whirl (ha), I can see that it does reduce post-exercise muscle aches pretty quickly.

For Relief of Back Tension: The Beam

Everyone deals with back discomfort sometimes; for that reason, The Beam is a good wellness tool to keep at close range for yourself or as part of a personal training toolkit.

If You’re Going to Sit, Sit With Fitness In Mind

Remember years ago when everyone was rolling out stability balls to use as office chairs in the name of wellness? The CoreChair picks up on those good intentions, but it’s infinitely better.

SoLo Energy Bars: Snack-On-The-Go Goodness

What’s not to love about anything that’s chocolate coated?

Your Stretches Are About to Get Better

It’s completely possible to stretch well without Lebert Stretch Straps. But with them, you will get more out of almost every familiar stretch and open the door to enjoyable new ones.

Manage Muscle Aches with a Foam Roller

I wasn’t all that into foam rollers until TriggerPoint. When I received this lovely pink Grid in the mail, everything changed.

How Do You Feel About Wearing Your Yoga Mat?

These YogaPaw mini-mats are really handy. Here’s what I loved and what I’d want to change.