Weight Loss Book: Yes, You Do Have Time to Work Out

People still read fitness books! Here’s one that stands the test of time.

Hello, Halo. Add This Fitness Tool to Your Pilates or Stability Ball Workout

The Halo Trainer is a handy apparatus you can use with a stability ball, with other equipment like a BOSU ball or even on its own.

What Yoga Looks Like When a Skinny Girl Does It 😬

Here’s the skinny on this DVD workout: Mixed-up cuing and too much chit-chat. The dog is cute though.

App Revealed: How to Get Six-Pack Abs with Your iPhone

Many of the exercises come with a video option, allowing you to watch the exercise in action. I noticed all the models are totally cut shirtless dudes. I like this app.

How Do You Feel About Wearing Your Yoga Mat?

These YogaPaw mini-mats are really handy. Here’s what I loved and what I’d want to change.

Ugi: My Vote for Most Huggable Weighted Fitness Ball

At 15 inches in diameter, the Ugi ball is bigger than a med ball and more versatile, too, because of its squish factor.

Boot Camp Fitness: A Sure-Fire Solution for Obliterating Calories

Got a set of dumbbells, a willingness to exercise out of your comfort zone and, oh, a DVD player? Then this workout is for you.

Lebert Equalizer: All Things Being Equal, Is It Worth a Try?

When I first saw the Lebert Equalizers, I thought they were just for guys. But when I dragged these bars into one of my circuit classes at an all-women’s club…

Want Me to Test Drive Your Product?

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