Boot Camp Fitness: A Sure-Fire Solution for Obliterating Calories


What It Is: A bootcamp interval workout that raises heart rate with back-to-basics cardio (think jumping jacks, running in place) and strengthens arms, chest, legs, butt, abs and back with dumbbell and bodyweight exercises.

What You Might Not Know: Even before becoming “G.I. Geoff” (cute), instructor Geoff Bagshaw had the kind of posture that would make a drill sergeant proud. He’s the most well-aligned guy I know—pressing play on this workout might just inspire you to stop slouching. (Worked for me.)

Feelin’ the Love: Geoff teaches fitness classes off camera too, and you can tell. He’s one of the most skilled instructors around with a talent for taking basic moves—ones we’ve all seen before—and creatively tweaking them so they’re fresh but still doable. Want to make alternating lunges with biceps curls exciting again? Geoff will show you how. Seriously, he’s one of my favorite fitness instructors, ever.

If I Could Change One Thing: There are no chapters on this DVD. That’s OK if you’re up for the 50-minute workout. But if you’re not ready to bust your butt for that long—or you legitimately don’t have that kind of  time—your only option is to tap fast-forward.

Should You Get It? If you’ve got a set of dumbbells and a willingness to exercise out of your comfort zone, then yes.



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