App Revealed: How to Get Six-Pack Abs with Your iPhone


What It Is: A new fitness app for iOS. It’s meant to complement the Abs Revealed e-book by Jonathan Ross (Human Kinetics), but you can get a lot out of just the app on its own, too.

Includes more than 60 exercises— categorized from beginner to advanced—and also a 10-week guided program for a chiseled core.

What You Might Not Know: I’ve interviewed Abs Revealed author Jonathan Ross for numerous fitness articles, so I know firsthand that his training knowledge and advice is solid and trustworthy. I think he was probably a straight-A student in school.

Feelin’ the Love: I like that the beginner-to-advanced exercises are divided according to equipment needed (including no equipment), so you can go directly to the exercises that are compatible with whatever fitness tools you’ve got in front of you—a mat, TRX, stability ball, BOSU ball and more.

Every exercise shows a start and finish photo of the move. And about half the exercises come with a video option embedded into the app, allowing you to watch the exercise in action. I noticed all the models in the photos are totally cut shirtless dudes. I like this app.

If I Could Change One Thing: The app comes with a program that’s broken up into three chunks: Weeks 1-3 (phase 1), Weeks 4-6 (phase 2) and Weeks 7-10 (phase 3).  If I could change one thing, I’d make it possible to view or click through to exercise descriptions, photos and videos directly from the Abs Program screen. Right now, you have to flip back and forth between the Abs Program screen and the Exercise screen to see what a suggested move looks like and how to do it.

Should You Buy It: It’s $2.99 in the App Store, so why not? You can easily benefit from working out with the Abs Revealed app at home, at the gym and on the road.



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