I Wore Motiv Smart Ring to Track Activity & Exercise; Here’s My Review

[REVIEW] Motiv Smart Ring | Activity Tracker

What It Is: Motiv is a smart ring that works as a wellness tracker and activity tracker. With a built-in accelerometer and heart rate sensor, this high-tech titanium ring for men and women also tracks sleep, measures calories burned and daily steps, and monitors resting heart rate—you can view all these metrics and more on Motiv’s companion app for iOS and Android.

What You Might Not Know: The Motiv ring comes in seven ring sizes; picking the size that fits you best will increase the ring’s overall accuracy. The first step is to order a Sizing Set for a small fee. Choose your size from seven different plastic rings and place your order online, specifying color and size.

Feelin’ the Love: I’ve enjoyed wearing such a lightweight, low-profile activity tracker. Unless the tiny light on the Motiv ring starts flashing, indicating you need to sync it to the app or charge it (about every three days), you’d never know this regular-looking ring was so smart. TBH though, I wish the ring’s light would illuminate all the time or at least more often. It’s a great conversation starter to tell folks about the ring and the benefits of tracking activity. Then again, I can see why some people would prefer something more discreet.

Motiv Activity Tracker Ring Design

The design is quite sleek and works equally well for men and women, I think. I got the rose gold color (there’s also silver and black), but I honestly think it looks more brownish copper than rose gold. What do you think?

Motiv ring is waterproof, which I very much appreciate because it would be a pain to take the ring off every time I wash my hands. Luckily, that’s not an issue.

Motiv Activity Tracker Ring Metrics

I have noticed that the ring’s activity tracker metrics seem to be a tad different from my other activity tracker devices, particularly when it relates to actual workouts versus daily, low-level activity like steps and walking.

For example, when I went on a run wearing my Apple Watch, Vi Personal Trainer and Motiv smart ring all at once, the ring counted almost double the calories burned compared to my other two devices. It was unclear to me after studying the Motiv app if the discrepancy was due to Motiv tallying up all my daily activity in addition to my run. The Motiv ring also said my heart rate was about 10 beats/minute faster than my Apple Watch said it was. However, as I sit here typing out this blog post, the ring and Apple Watch basically agree on what my resting heart rate is.

Motiv Sleep Tracker Ring Metrics

Confession. I usually don’t sleep with this ring on. I just prefer to remove any kind of jewelry or wearable tracker at night—I’m very “princess and the pea” that way. However, I can see that wearing a ring to bed would still be a lot more comfortable than something larger around your wrist. I am open to learning more about sleep tracking though.

If I Could Change One Thing: I stopped wearing my Motiv smart ring to the gym because some equipment like kettlebells and dumbbells scratch it up. To keep the Motiv ring looking its best, either don’t have it on during weight workouts or wear lifting gloves. I’d love it if the ring had a more scratch-proof finish.

Should You Try It? The Motiv ring is a convenient, easy-to-wear activity tracker that can help you stay on top of daily steps and overall wellness without having to wear a wrist-based wearable.

The ring does track workouts, but as far as I can tell, you can’t specify exactly what exercise you’re doing. If you like to geek out over a lot of detailed metrics after a run, cycle or other workout, you might be disappointed with what the app provides. On the other hand, if you want a sleek and simple motivator for boosting health and daily activity, this is a great option.

Cost: $199 at mymotiv.com or Amazon.

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