The Sweatshirt You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now (RYU Apparel)

RYU Apparel ETHOS Long Bomber Sweatshirt

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What It Is: A long-sleeve zip-up-the-front top from RYU Apparel that’s part jacket, part sweatshirt. It’s longish, covering the butt and hitting at around upper/mid thigh.

What You Might Not Know: This piece is part of RYU’s ETHOS collection, which promises a “new standard of sweatshirts.” Fact: old-school sweats have a bulky fit. We could all use something cuter and more performance-driven. With fewer seams/stitching and a flatter-feeling fabric, the ETHOS line is noticeably leaner than your average sweatshirt.

RY Long Layer

Feelin’ the Love: I picked up my first ETHOS Long Bomber (I own two and am contemplating a third) because I liked the look. It’s reminiscent of a casual bomber jacket but longer, which adds to its modern vibe. But I didn’t know how much I needed a sweatshirt like this until I started wearing it around. TBH, I loved it so much in black that I grabbed the grey too. Hey, if a style works for you, why not double down?

Favorite features:

  • When you fold up the cuffs on the sleeves, the inner lining creates a nice contrast to the jacket’s outside color (see photos).
  • There’s a bit of stretch to this fabric. It feels fitness-y.
  • You can zip it up and down the normal way, like you would with most jackets. Or, using a second zipper tab, you can unzip from the bottom upwards. I noticed that this feature helps create more freedom of movement when I’m in jeans instead of fitness leggings.

ETHOS Long Bomber sweatshirt has become my go-to piece for running errands before or after exercise. The length makes me feel more put together and covered up when I’m wearing body-conscious workout clothes outside the gym. I don’t look like such a conspicuous gym-rat standing around at the bank or grocery store.

Twitter Low Res 2

Apart from how well RYU’s ETHOS Long Bomber meets the demands of an urban, gym-going lifestyle, it’s also my newest must-bring warm layer for traveling to fitness conferences.

I wear the same ensemble almost every flight: an outfit curated for function and comfort that minimizes what I need to stuff in my carry-on. I’d say this jacket is close to the perfect plane piece (if only it had an inside pocket to stash a passport and boarding pass…)

If I Could Change One Thing: The black fabric picks up lint somewhat easily. It doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue with the grey or blue one.

Should You Buy It? Definitely browse in store if you’re in Vancouver, Toronto, L.A. or NYC. Or have a closer look on the RYU website (shop in Canadian or U.S. dollars). This stylish layering piece really does perform well for travel and/or buzzing about town in workout wear. Cost: $187 USD / $193 CND; sizes XS-XL.

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