You Had Me at Rose Gold: APL TechLoom Running Shoe

What It Is: The TechLoom is one of APL’s best-selling running shoes for men and women.

What You Might Not Know: Of all the items I wear in pics on social media, I might get the most questions and comments about my APL TechLoom running shoes.

Feelin’ the Love: These shoes had me at the color—rose gold—which shimmers when caught in the right light. But apart from the obvious appeal of shimmering shoes, I also like the way these APL TechLoom runners fit—true to size, decently breathable and as comfy as you’d expect any sneaker to feel.

I’ve worked out in them (mostly doing weightlifting or Orangetheory Fitness), but they’re so pretty I prefer to preserve their lifespan by wearing them mostly for basic activities like dog-walking and cruising around at fitness conferences.

If I Could Change One Thing: One feature I actually quite like about these shoes is also something I struggle with: the laces. They’re meant to be tied up and then hidden under the top of the shoe at the tongue.

I love the minimalist, streamlined look of no shoelaces because the shoes pair just as well with Levi’s or a sporty skirt as they do with workout tights. The only caveat is that sometimes the laces’ knots rub against the tops of my feet, which is a nuisance. Other times, the lace loops hang out of the sides of the shoe, interfering with the minimalist aesthetic.

While I like the choice of being able to tuck the laces under the tongue or tie them up normally like you’d see on typical tennies, if I could change one thing, I’d love to see the laces rigged to allow for fit adjustment without my having to work so hard to hide them when I want to.

Should You Buy Them? The TechLooms are over $200, but they’re more fashion forward than your average running shoe. I have the ones you see in these pics and am considering a second pair (in leopard, metallic silver or faded lavender, maybe?). APL offers numerous styles and colors for men and women.

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1. APL Women’s TechLoom Phantom Shoe in Rose Gold
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