Vessi Waterproof Shoe Review Across 3 Seasons

Vessi waterproof shoe review

Do I Still Love My Vessi Waterproof Shoes?

What It Is: Vessi makes athletic-style, vegan-friendly, waterproof shoes for women and men. This post is a follow-up to my original review of Vessi footwear from earlier this year.

What You Might Not Know: Vessi waterproof shoes became so popular so fast, the company had to shut down online sales for a hot second to catch up with demand. As of Sept. 9, they’re open for business again.

Feelin’ the Love: Leading up to this second Vessi waterproof shoe review, I wore these sneakers during winter, spring and a few summer sprinkles. They’re still just as waterproof as when I got them last December. And because of their knit material, they also still look almost new—minimal scuffs and smudges. Mud wipes off easily.

In my previous Vessi waterproof shoe review, I wondered whether these shoes would be as breathable in warm spring/summer showers as they were in wintery wetness. Based on my experience, the answer is mostly yes, but not completely. For me, nothing beats flip-flops or mesh sneakers for sidestepping overheated feet, so I don’t usually wear Vessis on a hot, dry day. But when there’s drizzley, puddley weather in any season, I’d rather put up with a little less breathability than soggy socks and wet feet. 

Vessi waterproof shoe review
Go-to shoes for dog walks.

Heading into autumn and winter, I’ll be reaching for my Vessis frequently when it rains. I once spotted a Vessi ad on social media demoing someone stepping out in snow with these kicks on. I’m not sure I’d go that far. They’re waterproof, but not insulated like snow boots, and they don’t provide ankle coverage either. If it snows in Vancouver this year, I might give it a test-drive and report back.

If I Could Change One Thing: My daughter could use a pair, so I’d be stoked to see Vessi footwear in smaller sizes and ones made for kids (rumor has it, these are in the works).

Should You Buy Them? Yes, if they’re something you need. As I said in my first Vessi waterproof shoe review, they’re comfortable and deliver on the waterproof claim. Plus, Vessi shoes are sporty and vegan-friendly, making them a great complement to an active lifestyle and a socially conscious mindset. Find Vessi waterproof shoes for men and women at They ship to Canada, USA and internationally.

Read my original review of Vessi waterproof shoes.

Vessi waterproof shoe review

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