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Two Tough Fitness DVDs for the Time-Crunched

Written by Amanda Vogel

Topics: Fitness On Screen


What It Is: Two new fitness DVDs from celebrity master trainer Amy Dixon: Breathless Body and Give Me 10 More! (the sequel to one of my fave fitness DVDs Give Me 10!).

Breathless Body is a Tabata-style workout, where you exercise intensely for 20 seconds and then recover for 10 seconds. Do that eight times and you’ve completed a sweaty four-minute Tabata drill. Breathless Body includes eight separate four-minute drills for a lot of intense exercise (and sweat).

Give Me 10 More! tosses in a little of everything with six 10-minute segments: cardio, total-body training, lower-body conditioning with dumbbells, upper-body conditioning with dumbbells, core exercises and a stretch.

What You Might Not Know: DVD instructor Amy Dixon is a former world competitive power tumbler. I’m not clear on exactly what that is, but it sounds extremely fun. She’s also got a degree in exercise physiology and two kids.

Feelin’ the Love: These two DVDs complement each other well. With just 30 minutes to work out today, I zipped through two four-minute segments from Breathless Body and two 10-minute segments from Give Me 10 More! Killer cardio. Check. Total-body conditioning. Check.

In Breathless Body, every four-minute Tabata segment focuses on the same exercise, done eight times total. You might think, “Who needs a fitness DVD if you’re just doing, like, 20 seconds of jumping jacks and 10 seconds of standing around over and over?”

Trust me, you want the DVD.

Tabata training is hard; Amy’s motivation and encouragement helped me stick to it even when I really just wanted to kick off my Nikes and call it a day.

I loved the dumbbell exercises in Give Me 10 More! because they weren’t the same old ones you see everywhere. Each set lasts just long enough for you to feel the burn without feeling bored.

If I Could Change One Thing: Amy cues when each Tabata drill is about to end in Breathless Body. But I’m a control freak, so I would have liked to also see an onscreen timer counting down from 20 seconds and again from 10 seconds.

Should You Buy It: Yes to both DVDs. I think they’re best for people who like exercise already, get bored easily, don’t have a ton of time and aren’t afraid to challenge themselves. I get a lot of fitness DVDs to review that I never look at more than once – these are two DVDs that I’d definitely do again.

Both DVDs are $19.99 at



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