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Core Transformer Burns Fat, Flattens Abs

Written by Amanda Vogel

Topics: Fitness Gadgets



What It Is: The Core Transformer is a system based on resistance tubing that provides constant, three-dimensional resistance training from all angles. You strap the tubing to your feet and hold each of its handles plus cross the tubing over itself two times in front of you or behind you depending on the exercise. (The DVD shows you exactly how to get this core-training contraption set up.) See how it works.

Developed by celebrity and athletic trainer Linda LaRue, the Core Transformer helps you work your deep core and entire torso from all directions: front to back, top to bottom and side to side. The corresponding “3D Fat Burn Fusion” DVD guides you through a 30-minute total-body workout or 15-minute interval workout using this cool equipment.

There’s constant core training happening, or, as Linda puts it, the Core Transformer “shrink-wraps your entire midsection.” Yes, I felt that “shrink-wrapping” effect, and I also felt it working in my upper body – especially shoulders – quite a lot.

What You Might Not Know: The Core Transformer tubing is made from natural, sustainable rubber trees. Give it up for eco-friendly fitness!

Feelin’ the Love: Straight up, the Core Transformer seems to do more than most home equipment. In my opinion, it totally upstages regular resistance bands when it comes to versatility and ability to make an array of exercises more challenging, more functional and just more interesting.

The Core Transformer works better than other resistance bands because: 1) it’s longer so you can actually perform standing trunk extension, flexion and twisting exercises properly, and 2) the foot straps prevent slippage so it’s safer than just standing on regular tubing (it won’t snap back at you).

Some of my fave moves from the “3D Fat Burn Fusion” DVD included the “Spider” (a plank with mini side steps), which was a serious call-out for the core. Then there was the “Bird-Dog” exercise, rivalling a hip-extension machine for what Linda calls a “nicely sculpted apple butt.” (Linda, lovin’ these vibrant descriptions you come up with.)

If I Could Change One Thing: I’m wondering if there’s a DVD that breaks this workout system into shorter time chunks focused on specific areas like cardio, upper body, lower body and stretching – all with the benefits of deep core engagement, of course.

Should You Buy It: Yes, if you’re motivated to try new equipment and stick with a program that introduces you to a new way of working out. I see this product as ideal for personal trainers looking to freshen up their trainer toolkit and also home DVD users ready to try something new in the “get flat abs” category.

Cost: $34.95 for the Core Transformer and “3D Fat Burn Fusion” DVD.



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