Chocolate, Goji Berry Energy Bites

Written by Amanda Vogel

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Topics: Fitness Fuel

peanut_butter_bitzPROTEIN MINI BITZ     (April 15/13 update: The company just sent me an email saying their new name is KEWAZA.)

What It Is: Decadent, chocolatey energy balls that are also good for you because of super-food ingredients such as organic dark chocolate, unpasteurized honey, gojo berries, hemp protein, flax seed and more. These protein-packed snacks hit plenty of today’s health-food buzz words: gluten-free, raw, dairy-free, organic. Plus, no eggs, no added sugar. Comes in peanut butter (45 calories/ball) or coconut (70 calories/ball) flavors.

What You Might Not Know: Gojo berries=a complete source of protein.

Feelin’ the Love:  This was a love-at-second-bite experience for me. My first bite of the peanut butter Protein Mini Bitz Kewaza was, like, “Hmm, this is good. But I bet a chocolate truffle full of fat and sugar would be better.” Then came bite #2. Very tasty. Bite #3. Downright delicious!

Protein Mini Bitz Kewaza are bite-size, but pretty rich, so one is more than enough to satisfy a day’s worth of chocolate cravings. They aren’t what I’d reach for to fuel a workout, but they’re a satisfying and healthy alternative to treats full of junk.

Apart from feeling good about eating a slew of natural ingredients, I was especially drawn to the texture: a cross between fresh fudge and a slab of high-quality chocolate. Goji berries rolled into each ball added just the right amount of chewy, tangy sweetness.

coconut_bitzMy final testament to the power of these goodies: I have just as many good things to say about their coconut flavor, and I don’t even like coconut.

If I Could Change One Thing:  Availability. After I agreed to test-drive this product, I found out they’re only available on store shelves in Toronto, or you can order online.

If I could waltz into a Toronto store and pick up a bag, I would. But I was disappointed to discover that shipping charges to the rest of Canada (I can’t tell if they ship to the U.S. and elsewhere) are about three times the cost of the product (see below).

Should You Buy It? Toronto residents: yes. Everyone else: Prepare to spend $15.99 in shipping for a $5.99 product. Buy in bulk for a better deal on shipping.



5 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. Daisy Anne says:

    I love coconut flavor. Gluten-free is another plus point. I hope they will be available on a large scale soon.

    Thanks for making them visible through your review.

  2. Kat says:

    Ha – just bought these at my food co-op and googled to find out more and there you were! They are indeed tasty.

  3. Amanda Vogel says:

    Hi Kat! They are good aren’t they? I’ll be watching to see if they show up in a Vancouver Whole Foods near me.

  4. Rachel says:

    Honey, chocolate and coconut! YUM!

  5. Cathi Graham says:

    Hiding goji berries inside a chocolaty treat is ingenious! This little treat would be a great way to satisfy cravings and not feel guilty about a little indulgence. Complete proteins like goji berries and hemp are a great way to sustain your appetite which will help you lose weight!

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