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Gluten-Free, Nut-Free All-Natural Chickpea Snacks (oh, and no GMOs)

23 January 2014

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ALL-NATURAL ROASTED CHICKPEA SNACKS FROM THE GOOD BEAN What it is: Crispy, crunchy all-natural chickpeas served either in a bag (pop ‘em in your mouth like popcorn) or in a bar-shape (looks like a granola bar’s close cousin). Regardless of how you eat them, you can be certain that they’re: 1) nut-free, 2) gluten-free, 3) […]

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Chocolate, Goji Berry Energy Bites

4 March 2013


PROTEIN MINI BITZ     (April 15/13 update: The company just sent me an email saying their new name is KEWAZA.) What It Is: Decadent, chocolatey energy balls that are also good for you because of super-food ingredients such as organic dark chocolate, unpasteurized honey, gojo berries, hemp protein, flax seed and more. These protein-packed snacks hit […]

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