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Fitness Test Drive is about reviewing all kinds of cool (and maybe some not-so-cool) fitness stuff like DVDs, books, gadgets and gear.

The blog is written and generally managed by me, Amanda Vogel, from my cozy home office in drizzly Vancouver, B.C. (although, it’s half-sunny as I write this).

There are other sites with fitness product reviews; what makes this one different? Well, I’ve researched, reviewed and written about fitness products for lots of pretty credible magazines, including Health, Today’s Parent, Shape, Chatelaine, Best Health, Prevention and probably others that I’m forgetting. I’ve gotten good at sizing up fitness products for their benefits and drawbacks.

I’m also a certified fitness pro with the BCRPA and Can-Fit-Pro (two of Canada’s top certs). I’ve worked in the fitness industry for somewhere around 18 years, so when it comes to fitness, I’m pretty clear on what’s a good deal and what’s lame or not particularly useful.

Here’s a disclaimer, though: It just so happens that I know a lot of people in the fitness industry. There’s a good chance I’ll be reviewing products that my friends and/or respected colleagues have created or have some vested interest in. However, my main goal is to help and inform you, the blog reader.

That’s why, in addition to the nice things I say, my review process always includes some aspect of the product that could be a little better or, quite frankly, I could do without. I’m confident my fitness friends will understand the need for balanced reporting.

I might sometimes receive compensation to review a product. And if do, or I happen to toss in an affiliate link, you’ll know about it. I’ll announce loud and clear that there’s an affiliate link in the midst and/or that a post has been sponsored.

Finally, like all good blogs, this one’s interactive. Anyone is free to comment, as well, on what they love, don’t love or don’t understand about a product. And please do share posts with your social networks on Facebook, Twitter, etc.



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